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Fit During High Fever?

Updated: May 3, 2019

Author: Phr. Lim

Fever can lead to seizure?

Yes fever can lead to a condition called febrile seizure, however it is not an epilepsy. Febrile seizures usually occur in a child who is between 3months and 5 years of age and has a temperature greater than 38ºC.

Is febrile seizure dangerous?

It can be frightening to watch, but it does not cause brain damage or affect intelligence. Having a febrile seizure does not mean that a child has epilepsy.

What should we do when a child is having a fit?

Stay calm. Place the child on their side but do not try to stop their convulsions and do not put anything in the child's mouth. Any seizure requite immediate medical attention to rule out other causes of seizure and the cause of fever.

Any prevention after an episode of febrile seizure?

Most of the time, febrile seizure does not requite long term anti seizure medication. Parent should be cautious whenever a child is having fever. Once the body temperature rise above 38ºC, fever medication should be given. If temperature remains high, do seek for medical attention. It is always advisable to keep a thermometer at home for monitoring.


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