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Does Infant Need Plain Water?

Author: Phr. Hiew

Does infant need plain water?

According to studies, infants aged 0-6 months can obtain adequate amount of water from breast milk and formula. Therefore no additional water is needed for healthy infants. A gentle reminder, you must prepare the formula according to its instructions. Do not dilute it for any reason.

Why is it unsafe to give water to infants below 6 months?

As the kidneys of infant are not fully developed yet, too much water will cause the sodium concentration to drop, hence may lead to water intoxication. Signs and symptoms of water intoxication include irritability, seizure, vomiting, frequent urination, face swelling and so on. If any of the above symptoms is found, please seek for immediate medical treatment.

What to do if infants have diarrhea or dehydration?

Breast milk and formula contain approximately 88% of water. Under mild circumstances, you can rehydrate your infants by breastfeeding or giving formula more frequently. Signs and symptoms of dehydration may include dry lips, less tears when crying, reduce urination and so on. If any of the above symptoms is found, please seek advice from doctors or healthcare professionals. If required, infants will be given a specific amount of oral rehydration salts (ORS) by healthcare professionals.


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