Five Ways to Cut Cost on Your Medications

Recently, the high prices charged for medication has forced almost one in four of us to go without medicines. Being in a healthcare field, we understand that it is very important to make the medicines more affordable in order to improve everyone’s health and wellbeing.

Here are 5 ways that we can suggest to cut costs on your medicine bills.

1. Perform medication reconciliation.

By reviewing and streamlining the use of medication, we would be able to avoid drug related problems such as therapeutic duplication and non-adherence to medication regime. By avoiding these problems, patients would be able to enjoy the full benefit of medication, discontinue unnecessary medication and therefore reduce the overall prescription drug costs.

2. Go for generics

Consult with your pharmacist on benefit of using generic medication. By understanding that branded medication are not a necessity, patients can save a great deal of money.

3. Fill longer duration for drugs with stable conditions

By purchasing a long term medication for longer duration, a patient can save the costs of medication, as medicines in a box always worth purchasing compared to medicines available in strips and single unit’s.

4. Ask about OTC’s

If it’s possible, patients can discuss with doctor or pharmacist if their medication can be switched to Over The Counter medications. Besides cheaper, they’re also safe and effective.

5. Split the pills

Splitting the pills means getting a prescription for double the strength that a patient would need and cutting the pills. Splitting option can works for few types of medication to save big sum of money, such as on medications like Crestor (rosuvastatin). To take note that when splitting the pills, patient need to consider which pills are safe to split and what is the right way to split the pills, such as using the pill splitter rather than a knife.

Consult your pharmacist for further solutions!