Five Ways to Speak your Mind at Work

Assertiveness is one of the important trait that makes a good leader. It is a communication skill, which combines the aspect of health and safety at workplace. Assertiveness convey our thoughts, feelings and belief in an appropriate way, without undermining your own or others rights.

1. Stay Positive - and that is a must, rather than an option.

Your colleague will enjoy interacting with someone who is optimistic and has a positive mindset. Be humble when articulate yourself, which will leave a major impact on your colleagues. A positive one.

2. Help each other and gain the mutual benefits.

Assertiveness determines one to aim for the winner’s place, yet, at the same time, they recognize and consider their colleague’s needs and wants. They aim to the winner’s place by helping their colleague to reach there as well.

3. Integrity - Respect your wants and needs.

Clearly define what you aspects from others. This will help you to build your confidence. For example, rather than saying, “ I need help”, clarify your needs in detail such as, “I need help about 10 minutes into this Project X”. This makes both parties to understand each other and reach towards mutually satisfactory results.

4. No to Emotion, Yes to Goal.

Set aside your personal emotions from any decision making process. Focus on your goal and think objectively. This will help you to comprehend a situation more successfully.

5. Bona fide. - Be genuine.

And the best way to be genuine is to listen to your colleagues. Practice on your paying attention skills. When you invest genuineness in your colleague, you harvest natural obligations from your colleague. The law of reciprocity.