What Causes Male Breast Cancer?

You are likely to heard a lot about breast cancer but not very likely to associate this disease with men. In fact, breast cancer affects men as well as women although breast cancer in men is rare.

It is not clear what the exact causes of male breast cancer are, but there are certain factors that may increase the risk, such as:


Men whose chests were exposed to radiation over long periods may face an increased risk of developing breast cancer.

Family History of Breast Cancer

Family history of breast cancer in the first-degree relative is associated with an increased risk of breast cancer among men. The two inherited genes, BRCA1 and BRCA2, give rise to the majority of hereditary breast cancer. Men who have inherited the mutation, especially BCRA2 mutations, have an estimated 6 percent lifetime absolute risk of breast cancer, which represents a 100-fold higher risk than in the general make population.


The incidence of breast cancer in men increases with age. Male breast cancer occurs most frequently in men over 60, although younger men may also get it.

High Oestrogen Levels

The hormone oestrogen can stimulate the development of breast cancer. Men naturally have small amounts of oestrogen in their bodies, but long term liver damage, obesity, marijuana use, thyroid disease and some genetic conditions may cause higher levels.

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